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Posted by dick on August 25, 19100 at 13:35:10:
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: We just bought a house that has a room above a detached garage about 20 feet from the back of our
: house. The previous owners had roughed in a half bath for that room but never connected the toilet or
: the sink. Are there any solutions that don't require connecting sewage back to the main part of the
: house (e.g alternative toilets, tanks)? or to the street. I believe the cost of doing so would be
: too high. Any ideas?

probably nothing that you would want in or near your living area for any length of time. They make so called "Chemical toilets" that are basicly a bucket with a seat and a tight fitting lid. chemicals suposedly hold down the odor till you lug the bucket out to empty it. At least i think they still make them, i haven't seen one for many years.
And then there is the traditional outhouse, but that's against most codes. or the commercial pot-a-pottys.

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