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Posted by DICK on August 24, 19100 at 17:24:18:
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: I recently found out that the hot & cold lines are switched in the shower. The shower has a mixer faucet. The shower walls are cultured marble and the oppoiste side of the wall is wallpaper. What will be involved in switching these (house is on concrete slab). I don't someone to get scalded by turning the faucet the wrong way. Is this something that can be repaired without tearing up the wall? TIA for your help

Check with the manufacturer of the faucet (links on this site). some faucets can be corrected by reversing the cartridge. easily removed from the front with no wall damage.
If it can't be fixed without swapping pipes, then cut a hole big enough to acess the faucet connections and the tub drain connections. then frame it with 1x2's and put a door on it just like it was a cabinet. Then you will be able to do future repairs without damage, and you can ocasionaly check for leaks, etc.

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