RE: Basement Floods but Clothes are Clean
Posted by Casman on August 23, 19100 at 12:30:35:
Lately, when we run the washing machine and after it empties into the utility tub, water comes up the floor drain in the center of the basement and makes a mess. I got pissed and finally took a blower and tried to clear it. Water shot out the Old Crocks(?) in various areas in the basement where the gutters used to drain into. I still got the gutters going up the basement wall, which no one seems to know anything about. Also, I noticed water seepage in a few cracks in the floor near the utility tub. House is 1890's. I plan on calling out a plumber to snake out. The utility tub has a drum trap, no vent and a galvinized pipe which runs over and down into the cement floor connecting to who knows where. My question is can I scratch this setup, move the utility tub over near the main stack, and tap a drain into it? Flood/backup only occurs when doing wash? Do these gutter crock things need to be snaked too? and does the water in the floor cracks suggest broken pipes?,

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