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: I'm glad I check this board frequently, as I just noticed some good advice/questions from "More" to a request I made several weeks ago about which ejector pump to buy. PLEASE, contact me off-board as you bring up some good points. In brief, I'm willing & eager to buy commercial grade, assuming it's less than $500. I have a "standard" ejection pit-probably 24-30" across, with 2" PVC piping & venting. I need quietness as the pump sometimes shakes the whole house (the overhead piping system isn't anchored well, if at all-I'll be fixing that when I change the pump). What kind of float switch is best, float-on-shaft mechanical (like my Zoeller sump pump), or the "floppy" (mercury?) switch? I've never heard of soft-start options or microprocessor controls, who offers 'em & how do they effect performance & longevity? I want the BEST pump, not necessarily the biggest, that can handle a master bath, washer & utility sink. I don't want to change the current pipe size, nor do I think I need to, so what horsepower rating do you suggest? I'll check out the Gould pumps you mention, but Terry's board just highlights a few toilet/ejector "combos", it doesn't have any kind of pump comparisons. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been checking! Grainger has Barnes & Zoeller sewage pumps, not Gould (sewage, at least!) I'm clueless when it comes to "phases"-do I want one, three or more? What does that mean?

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