Re: Ultra Seal for Toilet
Posted by Terry Love on August 22, 19100 at 02:17:56:
In response to Re: Ultra Seal for Toilet
: I've noticed a few posts about the ultra-seal where questions were asked about the product.

: I'm a do-it-yourself guy, and I just installed a toilet with one. I've installed two toilets in the past with wax rings.

: I wouldn't ever use a wax ring again, and can't understand why anyone else would either.

: It is so easy to install, and so clearly superior to wax rings I'm amazed that building codes don't require their use.

: Terry, since you seem to install about one new toilet a month in your house to test new toilets, you ought to try it. It's well worth the extra $4 or so just to avoid cleaning that old wax gunk off. And it can be reused too.

Thanks for the tip. I should try it. If Ralph Baumann of Eljer drops by those toilets this week, maybe it would be a good time to try it. Terry

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