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Posted by Terry Love on September 23, 1998 at 20:02:29:
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I don't understand it either. I am from Washington State, which uses the UPC plumbing code. I don't know which code is used your state. As you see below, the UPC code requires that any wet vent takes place on the "same" story.

UPC code 97 edition
908.1 Wet venting is limited to vertical drainage piping receiving the discharge from the trap arm of one (1) and two (2) fixture unit fixtures that also serves as a vent for not to exceed four (4) fixtures. All wet vented fixtures shall be within the same story; provided, further, that fixtures with a continuous vent discharging into a wet vent shall be within the same story as the wet vented fixtures. No wet vent shall exceed six (6) feet in developed length.

908.2 The vertical piping between any two (2) consecutive inlet levels shall be considered a wet vented section Each wet vented section shall be a minimum waste pipe size of the upper fixture or shall be one (1) pipe size larger than the required minimum pipe size for the sum of the fixture units served by such wet vented section, whichever is larger, but in no case less than two (2) inches.

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