low water pressure in only one faucet (weird!)
Posted by Erica G. on August 21, 19100 at 21:29:59:
We live in an old (1850s) farmhouse with a well. All of our faucets have decent water pressure except for our shower, which has extremely lousy pressure and also doesn't put out much hot water (the rest of the faucets, even the tub spigot and sink in the bathroom, are plenty hot). I took down the shower head about a month ago and soaked it in vinegar to remove the mineral deposits (we have very alkaline water) and immediately after the pressure was better, but it's gotten much worse since then. Overal, the pressure/heat problem seems to have grown more dire over the past month. Could this be purely a shower head issue, or might I have a problem with the pipes? Why do the other faucets in the same room function normally? And can anyone recommend a good showerhead that will put out a nice, hardy spray even with low pressure!

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