Water Pressure
Posted by Norman on August 21, 19100 at 21:03:33:
My Lawn sprinkler repairman told me to call the water co. in response to what he considers low water pressure in my home
(the sprinklers were dribbling ). The water company came and agreed that the pressure at the house was about 40psi, where
is should of been about 60psi...The water co guy checked at the connection on the sidewalk in front of my house and said that
it was normal coming into my pipes... He said to consult with a plumber... His readings ( and I can't
verify them) are STATIC 60PSI,,RESIDULE 35PSI AND either CPM OR EPM-- 28PSI...The distance from
the sidewalk to my house is about 75 feet... He also mentioned that we are using a 5/8 inch pipe in the
house, whereas the meter is one inch...whatever that means...
Can you give me some advice on how to proceed either with a local plumber or the wate company...
My neighbor is watering his lawn and smirking as I write this note for help...

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