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Posted by John on August 21, 19100 at 16:35:58:
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I assume it is a cast iron pipe. The pipe is not welded, it is probably joined with oakum and led. The method then used was to insert the pipe into the hub, stuff oakum( a hemp-like material) into the hub and then pour molten led into the hub. You will have to melt the lead with a propane torch to remove the pipe.
: I am trying to replace an old (70+ years) toilet. The toilet flange/pipe sticks above the floor (maybe 3") and actually fits into the opening on the old toilet. But, on the new toilet, the hole is too small for the pipe to fit into. What can be done? How does one get that old flange off? It's not bolted down, it seems to be welded on somehow. Thanks for any advice.

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