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: Terry,
: Thanks for your reply, the starter on the pump is going so now I have to give it a little kick and it lights the pilot light and I get hot water. Would it be possible for me to clean my own furnace and if so how do you clean one? It would save quite a lot of money. I know there is a filter somewhere that needs to be changed.

If you can give it a little kick it indicates your kick either jars loose a little bit of carbon from the thermocouple, or bumps the electronic contacts of the electronic igniter closer together to light the pilot. In any case it works. CONGRATS! The furnace has a filter near the flame and combustion chamber when there is a blower and fan to force the air into the living areas. A gravity heat system doesn't have that filter. Can you stand directly over the heat register and when it is running it will blow smoke up your skirt? If so it has a blower. The filter is usually held in an upright thin holder that is somewhat concealed.Take a flashlight and look for what looks like fiberglass curtain woven very thin, or mattress material. Thats the filter. There's a slide out holder that you can pull on to access the filter. When you get it out there should be a cardboard portion on it that says 1x22x16 or something like that ( one inch thick 22 inches tall 16 inches wide. Get a few new ones at the hardware store. Vacuum the area before putting in the new filter, and try to vacuum as far up into the plenum as you can reach. The furnace adds heat and the filter is supposed to collect hair and floating debris in the air as it gets recirculated, but the fluffy stuff in the plenum is a bacterial breeding ground and breeds staphloccocus, stachybaccus, and dust mites to ride in the air. When you've vacuumed as much as you can from below, remove the heat registers inside the house , and vacuum the air ducts there too! GOOD LUCK

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