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: I would like advice tips and guidance on new residence construction in an un-developed area (Phillipines). Fresh water on site is via a hand pump. I am looking to pump water in the house, filters, etc. Waste, info on ceptic systems or other means of sewage disposal. Everything is in planning stage, power and plumbing is where I want to start. There is currently no sewage system. Advice/directions greatly appreciated. Mike

Don't know where you are in the Phillipeans, but Subic Bay has a high water table and flooding problem in the Monsoons. First you can chech with the local commercial enterprises that have a reliable maintenance person, and ask what they do. Check with the bars and resturaunts that have a pretty good customer base. Sewage waste needs to be percolated away through both gravity percolation down through the soil, and evapotranspiration through the vegitation over the system.Average person uses 50 gallons of water per person per day therefore three person residence needs to percolate away 150 gallons per day (without including a washing machine or dishwasher) You can dig a hole in the ground about a gallon capacity, fill it with water, and see how long it takes to percolate. There are other means of sewage disposal but space here doesn't permit. Need more information? e-mail me at

Pumping water into the house can be done many ways, low voltage high voltage, cistern gravity feed, well pump and storage tank, air boost pressure, well submersible pump, etc. Do you have constant power? Do you need a battery system? are you using a personal generator? A hand pump indicates a shallow well pump well will do fine. Many are available in the states for shipment to you. Goulds, Teel, Grunderath, check the web sites. Pumped water gets pumped into a storage tank that has an air or nitrogen pressure assist and uses springs to sense pressure to automatically start and stop pump as your demands increase.
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