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Posted by More on August 20, 19100 at 20:52:32:
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: Our outside faucet will not turn off easily. It continues to run more than dripping after we have done everything to get it to turn off.
: What is the best way to fix it?
: Thank you for your help!

First, it depends on the quality of the faucet. If it is rebuildable, you can shut off the water to the house, open the faucet a half turn, remove the bonnet nut and then unscrew the valve stem and look at the bottom of it. If there is a rubber washer in there with a brass screw in its center that can be replaced, simply replace the washer. If you have already done that and it still leaks making a little squeaky toy noise when you force the stem shut, you have ground down the valve seat. Take the faucet completely off, buy another and reinstall it. See the earlier postings in August and July (below) for others who are experiencing the exact same problem)

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