Re: HELP! Water comes out of both tub spout and shower head
Posted by More on August 20, 19100 at 20:41:31:
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: When I turn on the water more than half-way in the bath tub, water comes out of both the tub spout and the shower head. This doesn't happen if the water isn't turned on more than half-way. I originally thought the problem was with the shower diverter but the problem still occurs with both the tub spout and shower head removed. Anybody got any ideas. I just got this place(it was built in '81), so I don't have any plumbing history. The tub has two faucet handles. I own another unit in this condo complex and I replaced the tub spout with no problems. If anybody has any ideas, please help. Thanks.

: Sarah
You were right in your first assumption. The water is getting pressure backup in the tub spout and isn't fully exiting the filler spout and then pressure builds to allow the water to rise up the shower diversion pipe. If this truly happens without the spout attacvhed, then you'll need to become a better detective. Try removing the shower head and blow air through it to blow any obstructions back down the supply line into the diverter. Then close the diverter valve and see if you build air pressure, or if it bypasses the diverter and gets to the supply line somehow. If it does, you have a cross connection. That can be discovered with a little detective work also. The supply line to the shower head should be empty at all times until the diverter valve is operated to prevent the mixed hot and cold from going anywhere but up to the shower head.

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