Re: leaking toliet inside the tank
Posted by Rich on August 18, 19100 at 19:57:53:
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: The toliet sounds like it's leaking all the time. I can
: hear water running inside of it. Every few minutes
: the toliet kicks in a refills the tank. (I guess it does this
: because the water is some how running out of it)
: I went to the hardware store to buy a new value cover thingy (black rubber thing that
: is connected to the switch sorry
: I don't know much about these kinds of things) It's the
: value that lets the water go down to the toliet bowl
: when someone flushes the toliet. After installing the new piece, I still hear water
: running and the toliet still keeps refilling it's self. What am I
: doing wrong???? Please help

There is a leakage between the flapper and the seat it seals to.This is the combination of parts that release the contents of water from the tank into the bowl when you flush. The defect can be caused by a worn flapper , which is usually made out of rubber and or the seat which can have slight cracks in it.
What needs to be done is a "flusher fixer" to be installed to repair the flapper/seat parts. The installation of this is fairly simple. The repair involves, shutting the water supply off, flushing the toilet to empty the tank, remove the remaining water in the bottom of the tank with a sponge, cleaning off the old seat ring with a fine sandpaper drying it off and installing a new seat face which has an adheasive on it and allowing it to dry. Next a new flapper is mounted to the overflow pipe and the chain hooked back on to it. Check to see if it is seated properly
, turn the water supply back on and check for proper operation... This kit can be obtained at any plumbing/hardware store.... I hope this helps you.... Rich

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