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Any pipe located at the grass line is suspect. That is where a lot of chemical activity takes place and if a pipe is going to fail, it will usually happen first at the ground level. In addition, gas pipes should always be buried at least 12" underground and the pipe should either be a coated X-trucoat and/or wrapped with a double layer of protective tape. As for the leaks, the only way to evaluate them is to inspect your residence, but an estimate may not be possible even then, since it may require several tries to locate the exact leak.

: I was just wondering if a semi-rusty black iron pipe gas line, almost 1/2 buried under sod, is a potential hazard. I have had the local gas supplier inspect the pipe and say it was not a problem. However my concerned neighbor, familar with this area of business, disagrees. So who's right? Please help.

: For the past few years my basement (finished) has also been flooding. I have had people inspect for cracks and sealing them up. But I continue to have this problem. Please advise me as to what to do and an estimate to the cost to fix ($CAN).

: Lastly, leaks have developed in two of my washrooms on the third floor. I've had a plumber look at it and had both the washrooms' faucets' and tub's caulking redone (one washroom has a tub and the other a shower). But from the water stains on the ceiling of my second floor, it looks as though there is a leak from the side of my tub and another from the drain of the shower. Also the shower's faucet drips constantly ~*sigh* :(
: Is opening up my ceiling the only solution? What would be an estimate cost for that ($CAN) ?

: I am quite 'plumbing' illiterate and can REALLY use some advice. AND any recommendations for a reliable and affordable plumber in the Toronto area? (specifically Richmond Hill?) Thanks for your help attention!!
: - a frustrated, Lily

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