Please HELP!! pipe, bathroom leak, basement flood
Posted by Lily on August 16, 19100 at 22:15:50:
I was just wondering if a semi-rusty black iron pipe gas line, almost 1/2 buried under sod, is a potential hazard. I have had the local gas supplier inspect the pipe and say it was not a problem. However my concerned neighbor, familar with this area of business, disagrees. So who's right? Please help.

For the past few years my basement (finished) has also been flooding. I have had people inspect for cracks and sealing them up. But I continue to have this problem. Please advise me as to what to do and an estimate to the cost to fix ($CAN).

Lastly, leaks have developed in two of my washrooms on the third floor. I've had a plumber look at it and had both the washrooms' faucets' and tub's caulking redone (one washroom has a tub and the other a shower). But from the water stains on the ceiling of my second floor, it looks as though there is a leak from the side of my tub and another from the drain of the shower. Also the shower's faucet drips constantly ~*sigh* :(
Is opening up my ceiling the only solution? What would be an estimate cost for that ($CAN) ?

I am quite 'plumbing' illiterate and can REALLY use some advice. AND any recommendations for a reliable and affordable plumber in the Toronto area? (specifically Richmond Hill?) Thanks for your help attention!!
- a frustrated, Lily

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