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Posted by Brian marks CWS-I on August 16, 19100 at 21:25:19:
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: HELP !!!
: I am trying to research what type of equipment I need to clean up my well water. I have lived in a mobile home on this well for 5 years. The water has no bad smell or taste, but it does have a yellow tint if you accumulate a large body of it in the tub or washing machine. I also have to constantly battle brown streaks/stains in my toilet and crusty accumulation on the showerhead.
: I am having a new home built on my property and have connected it to my exsisting well. Sure enough, I'm already fighting buildup in the new toilets. I had my water tested by two different companies and got results that I percieve to be substantially different from each other.
: The first company came to my home to perform the test in my presence. I was given the following information after the test was complete.

: Hardness: 9 grains per gallon
: PH: Neutral
: Iron: 5 parts per million
: Total Dissolved Solids: 180
: No Tannins in the water (for this test he took a sample of water with him and called me with the results)

: For the second test, I dropped off a sample of my water at another company. Here is what the second company told me over the phone.

: Hardness: 19 grains per gallon (he said that 9 gpg was impossible for my area)
: PH: slightly acidic
: Iron: 3.2 GRAMS (when I asked what that was in ppm, he said 3.5)
: No information on total dissolved solids
: When I asked about tannins, he said that no such test existed, and that the other company was lying.

: So, I am a bit confused now. Both companies have recommended a softener system. The first company gave me a brocure for a unit called the Ultimate 2 which says it has a special mesh and resin to remove more iron. When I asked about the softener units at stores like Home Depot, the gentleman said that the Ultimate 2 would remove more of my iron. The second company simply recommended a 32000 grain water conditioner, but the second company's price was about 100 dollars more than the first.

: Whew...I apologize for such a long note, but I would appreciate any advice available.

: Thanks

No need to apologize, I thrive on these questions.
Ok, lets address the conflicting tests.
In my opinion, the first company is probably right.
If you have 9.0 gpg of total hardness as cao3, then your T.D.S. should be at least 153ppm.
If you had 19 gpg, then it would be impossible to have less than 325ppm T.D.S. There is such a test for tannins, it's just not normally done in the field. The second guy doesn't know what he's talking about.We don't use "grams" when we test iron, this is BS......stay far away from him.
The first guy might not either, but given the info you gave me , he sounds better. To accurately test 5.0 ppm of iron , the sample must be broken down with pure water to dillute the iron concentration down to a readable level. If they didn't do that, you may have more iron than you think.
As far as equipment, on paper 32,000 grains is ok, but in the real world of high iron, that won't do. Certain softeners do a good job on high iron, but the regeneration frequency and salt settings have to be overcompensated to keep iron from precipitating in the softener. I have treated as much as 15.0 to 20.0 ppm of iron with softeners with much success, But you have to really know what your doing. I don't think I would let these two guys treat mine. If someone recommends an iron filter to far away from him! these are no good for this problem even though that's what they're called.Click the link below to go to my site, there you will find info on systems, and links on water treatment info. There is also home test kits available so you can do it yourself, or you can send the water in.
I'm a certified water specialist with 15 years of installation, service and sales of water treatment equipment. Hope this helps

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