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Posted by Brian on August 16, 19100 at 21:01:27:
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: I have a water softner that I know nothing about it is a Lingenfelder Auto Soft Water- Ultimate I. I found a kit that tests how soft your water is and mine is not. I know you are supposed to add salt once in awhile but how much and when? I looked in the water container from the opening in the top and there wasn't much water in there, is this normal? I'm so confused, please help me. Thanks, Su

Su, I'm not familiar with the brand name, It could be a common system with a private lable name. That's is a common practise for water treatment dealers. I need to know the diameter, and height of the softener tank (not the salt tank), also need the total hardness,and number of family members. The water level in the salt tank should be between 1/8 and 1/4 full depending on the model. If you go to the link below, we can get your water tested. Also I've collected some good informative links on water treatment systems, and how they work.....must reading. There's also a water treatment message board there on a link on the homepage.

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