Need help with Water Softening / Iron removal
Posted by Robert on August 16, 19100 at 11:19:33:
HELP !!!
I am trying to research what type of equipment I need to clean up my well water. I have lived in a mobile home on this well for 5 years. The water has no bad smell or taste, but it does have a yellow tint if you accumulate a large body of it in the tub or washing machine. I also have to constantly battle brown streaks/stains in my toilet and crusty accumulation on the showerhead.
I am having a new home built on my property and have connected it to my exsisting well. Sure enough, I'm already fighting buildup in the new toilets. I had my water tested by two different companies and got results that I percieve to be substantially different from each other.
The first company came to my home to perform the test in my presence. I was given the following information after the test was complete.

Hardness: 9 grains per gallon
PH: Neutral
Iron: 5 parts per million
Total Dissolved Solids: 180
No Tannins in the water (for this test he took a sample of water with him and called me with the results)

For the second test, I dropped off a sample of my water at another company. Here is what the second company told me over the phone.

Hardness: 19 grains per gallon (he said that 9 gpg was impossible for my area)
PH: slightly acidic
Iron: 3.2 GRAMS (when I asked what that was in ppm, he said 3.5)
No information on total dissolved solids
When I asked about tannins, he said that no such test existed, and that the other company was lying.

So, I am a bit confused now. Both companies have recommended a softener system. The first company gave me a brocure for a unit called the Ultimate 2 which says it has a special mesh and resin to remove more iron. When I asked about the softener units at stores like Home Depot, the gentleman said that the Ultimate 2 would remove more of my iron. The second company simply recommended a 32000 grain water conditioner, but the second company's price was about 100 dollars more than the first.

Whew...I apologize for such a long note, but I would appreciate any advice available.


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