Re: what tool do I use to remove a bathtub drain?
Posted by dick on August 16, 19100 at 10:40:32:
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: I have a leak coming from somewhere around the bathtub drain. There is rust all around the drain on the surface
: of the tub so I'm hoping it's just that the drain is old and needs to be replaced. The tub wrench that I have
: doesn't grab onto any notches like the directions in a book that I have explain. Is there anothe way to get this off?
: I do have full access from the back of the tub, the stove is on the opposite wall and I am planning on putting in
: an access panel anyway, can I get to it from here?
: I'm really not budgeted to change the whole tub at this time, please tell me that there is an easier way.

: Thanks,
: Carol
I assume you are using a "dumbell" wrench? Push down hard on this wrench while turning it with a cresant wrench or a pipe wrench. If this bends or tears out the little cross pieces inside the drain, just set it aside (don't throw it away, you'll need it to install the new drain)

Go to an auto parts store and buy a "Tailpipe expander" . ($20-$30) This is made for 1 1/4 and 1 1/2" tailpipes. insert the small end into your drain (you may have to disassemble the expander and remove one segment to get it to fit). tighten the screw in the end of the expander until it grips the drain, don't overtighten. Turn the expander with a pipe wrench. if it slips in the drain, tighten the screw in the expander a little more.

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