Re: Frozen Retaining Nut
Posted by hj on August 16, 19100 at 09:46:32:
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There could be a lot of reasons why they are not unscrewing, but hard water is not one of them. Often, the tile people cement the stems in so they cannot turn. In that case, you have to cut the tile and cement from around the stem so it is free. It is normally sealed with an "O" ring or fiber washer, so once the stem is actually free, it should unscrew quite easily.

: I want to replace the stem-type valves for my tub faucet. I could do it in less than 10 minutes except for the fact that the brass retaining nuts may as well be welded on (probably from hard water, etc.).

: Before I go ahead and start rounding off the edges of the nut trying to unscrew it with my wrenches, any tips on unfreezing it? Would soaking the area with vinegar, or a mineral solvent, like CLR help? Would a *little* heat from a torch help? I dunno. Thanks.

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