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Posted by ORLANDO on August 16, 19100 at 09:20:11:
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: : I need to replace a section of my sewer pipe due to roots getting in. Is a rubber boot my best or only choice to connect the two pipes. I will use a coupling on one end but need a solution that will not allow roots in for the other end. Is the rubber boot airtight enough to not allow roots in.

: DANG ORLANDO! are you STILL fighting roots? A rubber coupling is airtight enough, but the small hairline opening is all the invitation that little bitty baby roots need to squeeze into your pipe. Use a coupling at one end, and a REPAIR coupling at the other end. Dope the glue all over the place, both on the pipe ends and inside the coupling, then reglue after that joint sets.make the glue a continuous bead around the coupling to make the roots look elsewhere for water. As a precaution......add a cleanout to grade to snake this line out later. Good luck compadre'

YEAH, I am still fighting roots. Thanks for your help. I actually found where the roots are coming in and fortunately it was not under the driveway. What I found was interesting. I found two separate pipes connected with a plastic strap, about half the width of a coupling, no glue. THere was then duct tape over that and concrete poured on top. When i opened it all up I found a couple of baby roots in there. There werent many roots because it was just rotted out. It seems as though the previous owner did some pipe work but not very well.

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