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Posted by hj on August 15, 19100 at 23:35:08:
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Since 98% of dishwashers completely fill the 24" depth allowed for them, a plumber will normally know that he cannot install the drain behind it. In addition, since the dishwasher has to connect to the drain with an air gap, it would be very difficult to install one behind the dishwasher. Your dishwasher is very ordinary. He roughed it in improperly.

: : Early during my kitchen gut/remodel, a plumber roughed in a drain for the dishwasher. It's 20" above the floor in the back of the dishwasher cabinet space (not proximate to the sink). It stubs out of the wall about three inches.
: : As I attempted to install the dishwasher, I found that the drain is supposed to run out of the cabinet space no more than 4" or 6" above the floor (with a 20" high LOOP). This is according to the Kenmore installation instructions. Should the plumber redo this mistake at his expense or are my Kenmore drain setup constraints uncommon?

: First, did the plumber make a mistake? Did you have the specifications and clearly instruct the plumber as to what the job requirements were? Second, did the plumber ignore your specifications and install the roughed in drain against your instructions and in an unsafe and unprofessional manner? Then by all means make that plumber redo the mistake. Third, did the plumber understand the term drain rough in to mean finish location or rough location? Did you pay for the cost of getting information for the finish location? Fourth are you sure the Kenmore drain setup constraints apply to the drain elevations applicable to your gut/remodel? Choose your battles wisely, friend. This is a plumbers friendly page.

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