Re: rubber boot for sewer line
Posted by More on August 15, 19100 at 23:04:14:
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: I need to replace a section of my sewer pipe due to roots getting in. Is a rubber boot my best or only choice to connect the two pipes. I will use a coupling on one end but need a solution that will not allow roots in for the other end. Is the rubber boot airtight enough to not allow roots in.

DANG ORLANDO! are you STILL fighting roots? A rubber coupling is airtight enough, but the small hairline opening is all the invitation that little bitty baby roots need to squeeze into your pipe. Use a coupling at one end, and a REPAIR coupling at the other end. Dope the glue all over the place, both on the pipe ends and inside the coupling, then reglue after that joint sets.make the glue a continuous bead around the coupling to make the roots look elsewhere for water. As a precaution......add a cleanout to grade to snake this line out later. Good luck compadre'

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