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: Hello,

: I have a 5 1/2 year old house. We recently discoverd a 4-5' hole in the elbow of our PVC drain with a crack below the hole and a crack in the connecting pipe below it. Do you think the problem could be from the pipe freezing, or from impact? We have gotten different answers from several people. I don't believe the pipe could have frozen because there should be no standing water in the drain, and because we live in an area that isn't very cold(Richmond, VA). Please help.

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: Randy Rousseau

A four foot hole in a pvc drain elbow? GIMME A BREAK! A crack below the hole and a crack in the connecting pipe below it? I have personnaly tried to puncture a hole in a pvc 4 inch elbow and only succeeded by dropping an iron digging bar from the third story through a two inch pipe sleeve, and that elbow had to be restrained in a form while firmly on a concrete slab. I had the opportunity to perform this test in the field for an inspector examining the same issue you are. The only way to know for sure is to cut out the offending elbow and replace it, while sending the one in question top a lab. If the break occurs outwardly it is from explosion such as freezing, or cherry bomb exploded inside; if inwardly, implosion such as impact or hammering or drilled

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