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: We are moving the washer to the basement and would like to add a bath and floor drain down there as well. The sewer line is ~10' above the future bath. How do we calculate the size of sewage ejector pump that we need? This bath and the washer will get a lot of use, so we want something that is dependable and fairly quiet as well. Any other suggestions on things to look for when evaluating pumps? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

An ejector pump is for a shallow well. It can work if you absolutely aren't going to add sewage, and the water ejected will be clear. You want an effluent or submersible sewage and grinder pump to move solid and liquid waste, as in a toilet. The ejector pump thinks it is pumping water up from a well, and a 1/3 horsepower motor will pump 6.3 gallons per minute to 15 foot height, and cost $206.00 at Grainger. See TEEL pumps on the web page. Submersible Myers automatic effluent pumps 58 gallons a minute at 15 feet, and costs $170.00 at Grainger. Cast iron Zoeller effluent pumps 45 gallons per minute at 15 feet and costs $ 180.00 at Grainger. See Zoeller pump web page.

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