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: We are remodeling a bathroom and have some questions regarding vent piping.
: What is the maximum horizontal run between the trap and the vertical portion of an existing vent?
: We are trying to vent a whirpool tub. There is an existing toilet stack eight feet away, however, the vent pipe needs to travel around the perimeter of the tub to reach the toilet stack resulting in a total distance of 15 feet.
: Second question; we are installing a secondary washer and dryer unit one floor above an existing unit that will remain in service. Can you recommend the best way to tie the new vent to the existing washer and dryer vent. Would you recommend a wet vent for this application? The existing washer and dryer stack does not directly vent to the outside, but rather ties in through a horizontal run via a toilet stack in the adjacent bathroom six feet away.

First, if you are remodelling and are using a permit, ask your inspector if they will allow what you plan to do.Even if the local code does not allow you a fifteen foot horizontal run, the inspector may be familiar enough with your project to allow it "just this one time". If the vent you propose is 1 1/2 inch you might size to 2 inch. The new vent for the washing machine is only going to tie a vent to a vent? Or is the new washer going to drain its load into the vent for the washer below? Both washers dumping their loads at the same time will overload the drain, waste, vent, In that case drain and vent the new washer into the soil stack nearby.

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