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Posted by More on August 15, 19100 at 21:56:56:
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: I noticed over the last week that all three of our tiolets now have low water. It flushes fine but only fills up to half of what I considered normal water level. Any advice on what could be causing this problem? Thanks!

Are you talking about water in the bowl or in the tank? Each toilet fills itself individually using a stop fill adjustment in the tank. Is there a chance you have a friendly significant other who thinks that your toilet tanks needed adjustment? Any kids who just learned about home water conservation, and adjusted them without your knowledge? Take the lid off. Look inside the toilet tank. See the fill tube? Is the water an inch or less below that? Is it more than two inches? Lift the ball and watch the water level rise. Adjust the little springy silver clip on the wire hanging from the ball to let the ball rise higher, which will let the tank fill more.
If the water in all three BOWLS is low, try dripping some food color into the tank to dye the water in the tank, but DO NOT FLUSH, wait a while, and see if the color comes into the bowl.If it does, then all three toilets need the flapper replaced. Kinda sorta sounds kinda fishy.

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