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Posted by More on August 15, 19100 at 21:39:32:
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: I have recently installed a simple direct (immersion heater) hot water system in a bungalow type guest house. Everything works fine except that the hot water pressure is dreadfully low.

: The hight of the feeder water tank (50 gallons) is approximately 5 feet above the top of the hot water cylinder.

: Would a circulating pump fitted between the hot water outlet of the cylinder and the faucets improve matters?

Are you saying that the pressure was good before you fixed it? Or that you simply want to increase the pressure? The simple type immersion heater gets its pressure for the hot water as determined by the pressure of the cold water entering the immersion heater. Is there a valve on the cold water as it enters the hot water heater? If so open it up a bit more. If its all the way open, close and open it a few times to possibly break any hard water deposits in the valve. Is the cold water pressure dreadfully low theoughout the bungalow? Is the feeder water tank line completely clear of obstructions? Is the cold pressure okay but the hot pressure is dreadful? Check the hot faucet for hard water deposits or a slipped valve stem seat washer.

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