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Posted by More reset on August 15, 19100 at 21:22:29:
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: Yesterday my water went off. I have a well, and was wondering if there is a reset valve or something to start the pump again?

The well pump gets power from the house circuit breaker. Look to see if that is good. Turn it off, wait a few seconds, and turn it on. Do you have water now? Can you hear the pump running? Check to see if you have a water filter system in the line that could be plugged up. The well pump pushes water into an expansion tank. Look to see what the pressure reading on that is. Is it 30 pounds (psi) or more? The expansion tank pressure switches the pump on when it senses that it needs more pressure, and off when pressure is good. Is the switch functioning? It is a small rectangular metal box with a screw on top that you can take off and see the springs inside. If those all look good, unscrew the aereator from the kitchen faucet and see if you get water with that left off. If so, the well is sending sand and sediment up to the fixtures and each one needs to be cleaned. Good luck. Email me if you still have problems

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