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: I have a frced hot warer heating system and I ran out of oil. Since I have had oil delivered I keep running out of hot water. I've been pushing the reset button and after many tries the heater will come on and I'll have hot water for about 24hrs, well recently pushing the reset button is no longer working. Any ideas? I just bought the house (it's an older one) but this is the first time I've had any problem. I'm sure it's related to the fact that I ran out of oil. The tank is in the basement, it still has the old lines that run under the floor(this is now a no-no I hear)

The old lines running under the floor being a no no has nothing to do with the reset button not working. Which reset button are you pushing? The one for the burner pilot light, the reset for the power for the heater, or the reset for the fuel pump motor? When you run out of fuel, the pilot light goes out and the thermocouple cools. When that happens the thermocouple gets a coating of carbon on it that sometimes interferes with the relighting. (sometimes you can just scrape the carbon off and the pilot will light) If you have an electronic ignition without any pilot light, and pushing that red button (that some people call a reset button) is a striker which lights the pilot (without using a match) and the pilot burns but goes out within 24 hours, you are probably experiencing trouble with the thermocouple. See the little black bulb that the flame from the pilot light hits? That is part of the thermocouple. Follow its small tube back to the fuel valve. See the ferrule that has flat spots that looks like a wrench fits on? Put the right size wrench on it and loosen it about a half or three quarters of a turn. Does that little thermocouple tube wiggle a little bit now, and no fuel leaks out anywhere? Unscrew the ferrule nut and you can pull the thermocouple out and go to the hardware store, get a new one the same length, and reinstall it. IF THE RESET button is on the fuel pump motor, and not the thermocouple, e-mail me and we'll look at the elecrtical possibilities e-mail me at

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