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: We recently installed a nice one-piece tub surround made by Universal-Rundle. The entire tub surround was glued on with Liquid Nails for tub surrounds. The problem we are having is that this surround has a 4 inch wide raised band around the top, bottom and side edges. These bands have a rolled outside edge and are no doubt there to give the tub surround a thickened appearance from outside the shower. The bands have a slight hollow space behind them. On the sides, we filled the hollow space with 1/4" thick masonite so that the band would not be crushed when we screwed the shower door frame to the wall. However, when we caulked the bottom of this tub surround to the bathtub, the caulking bond gave out quickly on the surround due to movement of the bottom band that is hollow behind it (there was no way to glue this band with Liquid Nails due to the hollow space). We've also tried the 1 inch wide pre-formed strip caulking, but it doesn't seem to stick very long either. We think because its only sticking to about 1/4 inch of the tub surround since the surround has that rolled edge. Do you have any suggestions? We followed the mfg directions to a tee when we installed this and this was about the most expensive tub surround that our local home improvement warehouse had. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You've got a problem. The voids left by those wide bands are gonna give you fits. Remove the caulk at the trouble spot and the 1 inch preformed. Wipe the fiberglass with alcohol to clean the caulk residue (or mineral spirits or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Keytone) WATCH YOURSELF though! These cleaners are very volitile and require lots of ventilation and NO OPEN FLAME. The fiberglass has such a smooth non-porous surface that the caulks aren't bonding. Go buy a fiberglass repair kit that has the fiberglass mat and a resin and a hardener. Cut the mat (with scissors) to fit the void that you want to stop leaking. Sandpaper the area where the patch is going to go. Mix the resin and hardener and put some under where the mat will go (use a popsicle stick or stiff cardboard as an applicator stick) Then put the mat onto that so that the resin ooses through, and paste the rest of the resin to smooth. Try to smooth the very top where the water will first hit your patch to a very thin bond line which will cause the water to try to stay outside of your patch.

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