Re: Copper water supply lines to kitchen sink
Posted by George on August 15, 19100 at 12:51:10:
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: : The water supply lines (hot and cold) to my kitchen sink are installed out of the floor and into the cabinet
: : underneath the sink. Each pipe comes up out of the floor and feeds into a "T" fitting. The horizintal outlet
: : from the "T" feeds into the shutoff valve, out of which a flexible line goes to the faucet. The vertical outlet
: This stub out is a watter hammer gizmo to reduce rattling of the pipes and what not when you turn the water off, it acts as a cushion of air to reduce water friction.

: : from the "T" is stubbed straight up about 12" and capped. Is there a special reason for this stub or is
: : it just for possible expansion? If necessary, can it be shortenned?

: : Thanks,
: : George

Can this stub be shortenned? and by how much?

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