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Posted by Dean Smith on August 15, 19100 at 11:36:15:
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: I have an american standard 1.6 toilet that has given us nothing but trouble. I have to keep a plunger near by to insure that we have protection. I have found a new 3.5 gerber, I know it said commercial grade on it. I found your cite looking for recommendations on Gerber toilets. It seems that it would be a better thing to buy than 1.6 - although reading your article it appears that they have improved. Would you recommend buying this new older gerber toilet? I can't find any ratings on those because you can't purchase them anymore. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Are you sure you have a 3.5 gal. Gerber? To the best of my knowledge, commercial toilets are also required to have 1.6 gal flushes. Check Terry's toilet rankings (click the toilet picture on the Board page). I was wary of getting a 1.6 gal toilet too, I even called a Canadian plumbing supply store, and although they WILL ship (legally!) non-1.6 toilets to the US, he said many 1.6ers are very good, especially TOTO. Pressure assist models also work very well (different manufacturers have them, most use Sloan's Flushmate system), but they are pretty loud. Toto G-Max models are their best flushers, the Drake model being the cheapest of these at about $240 ( If you HAVE the Gerber already, and it is indeed 3.5 gals., use it! If not, check around, especially Terry's rankings!

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