sewage ejector pump & venting new bathroom
Posted by kevin on August 14, 19100 at 18:18:40:
I'm installing a sewage ejector pump for a new bathroom. (the bathroom floor is below the septic line level by 3' or so.

My question is about venting. I'm putting the ejector pump in a utility room about 10' from the new bathroom (near the main stack) I was going to either use a studor vent on the pump basin or a wet vent into the main stack. Which way should I go ???

There's also no practical way to run vent pipes from the new bathroom (the only way would be under the floor and I don't think that's proper). I was going to use a studor vent in the vanity to vent the tub, shower, and toilet. Is this a good venting method ?

We live in an area with no building codes, but I want to do things right.
Thanks in advance

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