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Posted by dick on August 14, 19100 at 10:31:15:
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Actualy Mr. Gordon may be closer to the cause than he knows. One of the causes (there are others)of animals (and people) suddenly developing a taste for weird food items is dietary deficiencies. The cravings are natures attempt to cure the deficincy. The process doesn't work that well sometimes and the cravings are for stuff that doesn't rectify the deficiency and may create other problems.

Unfortunately, this doesn't really help solve the problem. It's not practical to feed the squirrels a vitamin and mineral supplement.

: Yes, I'm sure it's squirrels. The worst dammage is to the part that lays on the roof and is exposed on the lower side. They have eaten this back from one to two inches in some cases. The little teeth marks are clear on the part not yet chewed off. On one vent stack I inspected just two days ago there is only about an inch left in the middle near the pipe. This problem just started about two years ago, prior to that the squirrels hadn't touched them - for 28 years. I had someone replace several covers about six months ago with new lead covers and he wrapped some heavy coarse type screen over them which helped. I'm just letting it go for now since I am about to reroof, but I need a better solution to stop the critters from causing leaks on the new roof.

: ::: Are you sure???? lead is just as bad for squirrels as it is for humans. They don't generaly bother it. lead stack covers generaly wear out at or near the top where they fold over the pipe. Rain, wind, dust, etc wear thru the lead in an irregular pattern. This could look like little teeth marks in some cases.

: : : We have thousands of squirrels in my front yard (well maybe only hundreds) and they show no inclination to eat lead.

: : : : Squirels are chewing up the seven lead vent stack covers on my house roof. It is not possible to prevent their access to the roof nor is repelant or any thing which has to be reaplied practical. I am due for a reroof and was wondering about copper or galvanized metal vent stack covers as replacements, or if I have to go with lead is there some kind of paint which may be effective. The vent pipes are cast iron and are 1.5 and 2 inch size.
: Thanks

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