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Posted by Brian marks CWS-I on August 12, 19100 at 18:38:10:
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Scott, the level of H2S that you have will depend on the preferred treatment. Gallons per minute from the well is also important. If you have less than .2 ppm H2S, then carbon filters, greensand filters, constant chlorination, Or aeration of some kind will be effective. If you have more, then the best treatment will vary. A pressure tank with no bladder, or diaphram will not cure the problem. H2S can be volotile, it can spike up and down throughout the year. Much depends on the barometric pressure. When BP is high, the H2s is worse becauase the gasses don't dissapate as much.
Other factors such as, pump type, gallons per minute, and space should be taken into consideration as well.

: Scott:

: I am by no means an expert, having been the proud owner of a new water well about 6 weeks. However in our area the secret to getting rid of most of that smell is to expose the water to air. That doesn't happen if you have a bladder tank, as the air in the tank never touches the water. The bladder tank is designed to prevent waterlogging (where the air in the tank gets absorbed into the water), but if you have a sulphur smell the water needs to make contact with the air. This means a regular old galvanized tank with alternative measures to avoid waterlogging.

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