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Posted by dick on August 12, 19100 at 12:06:02:
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: What would make a toilet bowl drain completely after a flush.It's a new toilet and it fills O.K. during the flush but drains empty after sitting awhile.

two possibilities
1. clogged plumbing vents will cause the water to be sucked out when you use other fixtures in the house. Check by flushing the toilet and then not using any water for several hours. still full?? then try running for 4-5 min each in sequence, bath faucet, sink faucet, kitchen faucet, run the washing machine, flush other toilets, etc. if at some point during this procedure, your toilet bowl drains, then you have a clogged vent pipe or insufficient venting.
2: if the bowl drains with no other water usage, then your toilet is defective, it has a leak in the trap.

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