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Posted by hj on August 11, 19100 at 23:59:16:
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I do not approve of black pipe underground even if it is the X-trucoat that is approved, since ALL damage to the coating must be restored or it will rust through in a very short time. And if the pipe is under any concrete slab, it must be in a sleeve regardless of the material. The polyethylene gas pipe is the best material for your project, the bad news being that it is not supposed to be sold to anyone who is not a licensed installer, since it requires certain skills to make the connections.

: As part of an extensive landscaping project we have decided to include two outdoor fire pits. Our landscape contractor said these pits require a 1" gas line for adequate throughput, and recommends laying flexible plastice pipe given the distances from the meter to the two pits. I have not been able to find information anywhere on this type of pipe... at least not outside of what the gas company uses itself. Would you recommend this type of pipe, or stay to black pipe? ... and do you know where non-professionals can obtain it?

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