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: Can you tell me what the efficiency is like for on demand water heaters compared to a regular water heater and will it work for a shower? Alternatively, can you use two 20 gallon water tanks connected in series instead of a 40 gallon tank. We're looking for options to conserve on space - any suggestions?

: Thanks!
On demand water heaters are VERY efficient compared to a regular water heater, and will work for a shower. Regular water heaters take in twenty or more gallons of cold water, sense the cold temperature, start a fire, cook the water to a desired temperature, shut off the fire, wait till the water cools, and start the fire and re-cook the water, over and over and over and over all day. On demand heaters don't heat the water until you want it, and they cook as much water as you want for as long as you have the valve open. But they don't deliver hot water in times of power failure. You can connect two 20 gallon heaters in series. That effectively causes one tank type water heater to become a pre-heater for the other.

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