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: I have gotten some information about my problem but am looking for more. My water heater is rumbeling and poping. I have drained it out and flushed it out with the water pressure but still have not removed the sediment. I have been told the only thing I can do is replace my 5 year old water heater and get a water softener. I do not like softened water but will consider softening the hot water only to keep this from happening again. I do not want to replace my water heater every 5 years. Is there anything you can tell me in addition to what I have learned so far. By the way the water heater is in my attic so I do not want to remove it to flush it out, if I must remove it I will have to replace it.

The rumbling that the water heater makes is water boiling and releasing air molecules into the confined water under pressure. The popping is scary. Look at the water heater. Is it rated for five years? Has it really been in there ten? You can get very high quality hot water heaters rated for longer life spans to go into the attic. They just aren't the cheap ones that the builder installed to save money. Popping noises sound like little contained explosions could very well be the tpr valve going off because of too high a water pressure or temperature. Try turning down the thermostat temperature and insulating the hot water line from the hot water heater to the bathroom if you don't want to replace the scary heater.

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