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Posted by More on August 10, 19100 at 11:58:01:
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: I am trying to locate Hard washers for my shower hot water faucet. I was able to buy them some time ago, but cannot find them now. The standard washers swell up when hot water is applied and water flow slows down. They are standard type for price Pfister...can anyone tell me where I can but them... Thanks Rich

Have you tried the Price Pfister dealer in your area? Standard washers don't swell up and reduce water flow when the washer size is sized correctly to the washer adapter inside the valve stem, because the stem provides a washer retainer. Your problem is more likely a valve seat that the washer presses against to stop the water flow, and then the washer retracts away from when the stem is opened. The washer is flat and captive. The retention screw should be secure to prevent the washer from spinning on the valve seat and to prevent the screw from backing out of the thread and obstructing the orifice. Contact a LICENSED plumber to reface the surfaces of the valve seats.

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