Re: PLEASE HELP! Best Ejector Pump?
Posted by More on August 10, 19100 at 11:49:41:
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: I'm considering changing my pump when I open up the pit to check out a problem. My question is, which pump is best? My criteria are 1) DEPENDABILITY, 2)
: QUIETNESS, 3) EFFECTIVENESS. I believe a Hydromatic is in there now (it has a two-sensor POWERED switch), but it seems kinda noisy. I've always liked
: Zoeller sump pumps, and their big ejector looks like a BRUTE, but I'm unsure if the float switch is super-dependable in an ejector situation. Apparantly you can get it
: WITHOUT a float switch (they make a two-sensor powered one too!). Any top-notch pump brands I'm overlooking?

Did you bother to look at the links up above in the Toilet and plumbing and Terry Love Shopping section? Did you see the dependable ejectors there? Did you type in ejector pump in your search engine? Did you see the Gould pumps? You want the best? Do you want to get a commercial model , or do you want residential pricing? Did you look at the Grainger catalog? You want a reliable float switch because of the number of times the pump is going to switch on and off in a hostile environment. You can find a very good sealed mercury switch with the gould pump kit, but maybe that is too much of a brute also. Is the sump size large enough for you to install a pump that meets your criteria? A hydromatic two sensor powered switch simply indicates high and low water levels. Is the pump you are thinking of installing going to be capacitor started using micro circuitry or not? Do you want soft start and quiet run because this pump is close to the occupants of the dwelling? Larger (Brute) motors can power larger impellers and move more water waste volume, but the discharge piping needs to be sized accordingly, for it to be quiet. The sound isolators for the existing pump may simply need adjustment. What is the problem with the pump you are thinking of looking into?

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