Re: Water Softener Blockage
Posted by Brian Marks CWS-I on August 07, 19100 at 22:16:39:
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: I have a Culligan Mark 89 water softener. It has recently stopped producing soft water. Upon checking inside the brine tank,the water has risen up to the float valve shutoff level. When I run it through a recharge cycle, nothing occurs when it should be backwashing water from the brine tank. The only sounds I hear are the rapid rinse and brine tank refilling cycles. So, there must be a blockage within the brine tank. What could it be the problem and how do I correct it?

It's likely that the eductor , or screen is blocked. or possibly a main piston problem. Usually blockages in the brine tank itself are rare. If you put the system in the 2nd cycle which should be the brine and rinse cycle, notice the flow to the drain, it should be very minimal. If there is no flow, the eductor is blocked, if there is high flow, there is an internal problem in the control valve. It could be many differnt things.

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