Loud noise like water pumping
Posted by Davis on August 07, 19100 at 13:17:52:
I have a one-story frame ranch-style house with a full basement. The water supply enters the house
in a pipe that I can see from the basement. When a tap is opened upstairs, in the kitchen, for example,
which is at one end of the house, I can hear a very loud noise coming from where the water enters the
house (which is in the middle of the house). The noise sounds like water being pumped. Not a
mechanical sound, but the sound of water being pumped. Most all of the faucets cause this loud
noise when opened. The dishwasher does, too. However, when a hose is being used outside,
it does not cause this noise. The noise sounds as if it is located on the other side of the wall before the
water pipe enters into the house. Any ideas on what is causing this noise?

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