Re: Laundry stuck in laundry chute...
Posted by DICK on August 07, 19100 at 09:03:09:
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: Go get a 20' section of 1/2" pvc pipe and poke it down there. If you have to get some glue and couplings so you can put it together in sections.

if there is a substantial amount of stuff, you may not be able to push it down (although that's the first thing to try) .
secound thing would be to try pushing it "up" same pvc pipe. 3/4 or 1" may work better. it's a little stiffer.

Third method:
Go to a sporting goods store and buy a couple of the biggest treble hooks you can find and a length of 100 lb test cord. file the points and barbs off of one of the hooks and go fishing. if you can't hook enough with this, file the barbs off another hook (but leave the points on it) and try. this will poke holes in some of your clothes

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