Water heater noise
Posted by Harper on August 06, 19100 at 14:15:20:
I have gotten some information about my problem but am looking for more. My water heater is rumbeling and poping. I have drained it out and flushed it out with the water pressure but still have not removed the sediment. I have been told the only thing I can do is replace my 5 year old water heater and get a water softener. I do not like softened water but will consider softening the hot water only to keep this from happening again. I do not want to replace my water heater every 5 years. Is there anything you can tell me in addition to what I have learned so far. By the way the water heater is in my attic so I do not want to remove it to flush it out, if I must remove it I will have to replace it.

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