Sillcock Repair
Posted by Rae Graves on August 06, 19100 at 13:51:30:
Gosh, I would think this is a typical problem that most homeowners face at one point during their lives, but I am unable to find any information on it. The sillcock on the rear of my home leaks horribly from the cap when it is turned on. How does one repair that leak? How do I determine if my sillcock is screwed on or soldered on? If it is screwed on and I attempt to remove it, what are the chances of breaking the pipe, in a 30 year-old house? My main water shutoff is at the street, so I am reluctant to attempt replacement of the sillcock. Also, the crawl space under my home is only 24", too small for me to get into. That's my dilemma. What would be your advice, please? Thanks..

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