Re: Kitchen sink / garbage disposal problem
Posted by hj on September 19, 1998 at 19:15:00:
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If the allen wrench turns the grinder plate, then the motor has burned out and will need a new disposer. (DISPOSALs are GE disposers).
: Hi Terry (and others),

: I have a double sink in the kitchen, and all of a sudden, the garbage disposal is not working and the sink drains VERY slowly. The power to the disposal works because I can hear it when I flip the switch, but no turning, no cutting, etc. If I leave it on too long, the motor starts smoking and burning up. It's like something is jammed preventing it from working, but I can't seem to find anything to dislodge? I've tried using a plunger as well, and while that improves the drainage (temporarily), it doesn't fix the problem.

: Any advice on how to tackle this?

: Thanx,
: Bob H

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