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Posted by hj on August 05, 19100 at 09:50:20:
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What is under the cement board? If it is just the pine subfloor, then it and the cement board will flex and cause the tile rout to crack. If this is the case in your installation, you may have to install additional bracing under the floor to restore stability to it.
: We are installing an antique clawfoot tub that has ball feet. The floor is 1" hexagon tiles. Will the tub crack the tiles? The tiles are installed on 1/2" cement board. Do we have to put anything under the feet? There used to be a clawfoot tub in the house originally, but it was installed on an oak floor (you could see the dents). The oak floor was damaged from the previous owner so we had to take it up. Any advise would be great. Thanks.

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